I’m in Buffalo and no offense to the natives here, but why do you live here?  It’s going to snow today and it snowed yesterday.  I’ve been told of lovely springs and summers, but seriously – how nice can they be?  Ok, enough ranting.  I’m sunshine deprived having been given a hotel room facing the interior courtyard overlooking the charming urine trap of a pool that the screaming children are currently enjoying.

I made the best of it after the screaming kiddos woke me up by ordering a surprisingly well cooked breakfast and busting out my very spring-y knitting.  I’m using a self striping spring green sock yarn and my basic sock recipe to knit up my own portable springtime.  The yarn is Gradient Self Striping Sock Yarn from Evermore Studios’ etsy shop and it just makes me happy looking at its fresh green color.  Cute right?

And Buffalo, you are on notice – I want to see leaves on trees and no snow next time I come here.  See what you can do.


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  1. I love the yarn for your new sock! I just checked out her Etsy shop and while she doesn’t have that exact green, I’m very tempted by the darker green…

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