So that’s interesting

I finally got around to taking a picture of the blouse I finished ages ago.  It’s probably the most boring end result ever, but I did make one pretty kick ass collar with stand.  I’d forgotten how much work that is!

Well what can I say about a basic blouse.  It’s BurdaStyle Magazine, issue 8/2008, blouse #112.  This blouse was supposed to have an empire casing with a tie, but after I’d come this far I thought I’d wear it more if I could tuck it in.  The fabric is a crinkle rayon in teal.  It’s a bit sheer and there’s really not much to talk about.  The collar is a collar with stand and the sleeve has a sewn pleat at the bottom to give it shape.  The photo in the middle is the magazine model blouse, very cute I thought.  My version is really kind of dull and basic, but with a tank under and a jacket and euro scarf over, it may get worn a good deal.  Maybe.

The fabric on the right is the only possible fabric in my neighborhood Joann that would work with what I’ve got in mind for Prairie dress (the dress on the left in the previous blog post).  It’s a hippy dippy lightweight polyester and readily available if I run back up there and get it tomorrow.  Is anyone liking that fabric?  It’s kind of growing on me…


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  1. I think maybe all you need to do is hold your “handbag” the way she is and it will spice it up. You always make me want to sew but then I remember how much patience is required.

  2. The fabric is awesome!
    You’re comment in C.A.P. blog about assisting your friend with the wardrobe purge? Unbelievably BRILLIANT!
    Thank you for a wonderful idea.


  3. Hi Silvia, I think the fabric in question would be gorgeous. It is bright, upbeat and will be really comfortable. You could dress it up or down depending on mood or occasion. Best, Pat

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