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Apparently I’m very suggestible.  When looking over my recent crafty endeavors I see that the most were projects I’d seen on blogs that provoked me to say “me too”. 

So what have we got here:

Upper left is Baked Oatmeal.  Seriously.  I hate oatmeal and love this baked version found here.  In fact I loved this so much I just ordered the cookbook whence it came.  If they’re all like this it’s got to be a winner.

Upper right is a Tiny Pocket Tank first spied on this site.  This is one easy tank and it’s even been worn out of the house, so that’s a success.

Lower left is the beginnings of Liesl + Co.’s  Day in the Park Backpack Tote.  It’s a tote bag that converts to a backpack.  Cute!  I first saw it here and immediately ordered the pattern.  I don’t even particularly like making bags, too fiddly!  I’m making this one though and have pawed through my fabric stash already looking for useable materials.

The lower right is my idea in that no one inspired me to make my usual socks.  They are short row heel/toe socks to my recipe and this yarn is exactly the color of a Diet Mountain Dew bottle.  No, I would never drink such a thing but the woman next to me was and hence I made my discovery.

My sewing machine will be sprung from the awesome sewing shop tomorrow (just a minor repair) so crafting will begin in earnest.  Must do something useful on my days off…


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