For when it’s warm

My sister has correctly pointed out in the past the I don’t always wear some of my finished projects.  True, so I began thinking about what I do wear.  I wear a uniform (work), sweats, knit dresses, knit tops, some blouses and jeans.  Occasionally a skirt or two gets worn, but unless I start making my own sweats (that would really be a sweatshop) for maximum sewing utility, I decided not to worry that I don’t wear alot of what I make.  I enjoy making stuff so that will be the goal.  No fun, no go.

In an effort to make something I do wear I made this top.  This is Burda 7519 and it’s a super easy top.  I reviewed it over on Patternreview if you’d like the detailed lowdown.  FYI, if you’re a sewist and unfamiliar with Patternreview go check it out.  It’s like Ravelry for sewing.  I looked at the posting on this pattern and there seemed to be mixed success with the pattern.  Some said they found the pattern ran large (it does) and some didn’t get a good result.  I surmised this may have been based on their fabric choices.  My fabric is a tissue cotton knit, very light and fluid, a great candidate for a cowl.  I measured the pattern, chose my size based on the fit I wanted, adjusted the length and cut away.  This top is a two hour top, no fooling.  Basic sewing skills required and a serger helps.

I was so happy with my top I’m thinking about making another one, with a bit of further tweaking.  And in case you’re wondering, I did indeed wear this one to see Bridesmaids (funny!) so that’s a successful out-o-the-house outing for this garment.


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  1. Love both the colour and drape on you. Fabric choice really can make or break a a sewing project. Not nearly as much wiggle-room as you get in knitting.

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