They can’t all be good

Sometimes you need a reminder that for every panty victory there is a knit top defeat.  What?!?   That means after riding high from sorting that panty pattern out, I sewed up New Look 6940 and got a fail.

I cut out NL6940 at least a week ago and clearly paid no attention to the pattern measurements and cut out a huge size.  I then compounded the error by not prewashing my fabric.  My fabric also behaved oddly by growing when I ironed it and I ended up with a big ‘ol top.  I finished it and then laundered it to get it to shrink, but it’s still too big.  It’s going into the donation bag so hopefully someone will benefit from my efforts.

I will now prewash the remainder of my fabric and put this incident behind me.  If you’re interested in the gritty sewing details my review of this pattern is here.


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  1. Such a shame about the sizing issue as it otherwise looks like a nice top. My grandfather always said “measure twice, cut once”. I never pay attention to advice!

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