No resemblence whatsoever

After the debacle of the black top, I washed the masses of black knit I had left so that particular error wouldn’t be repeated.  I do indeed have oodles of black fabric left because it is about 70″ wide, very inexpensive and at the store I thought “you can never have too much black knit”.  I have a suspicion it MAY be possible to have too much black knit fabric.

Changing the subject, look what I made.  A black knit skirt.  It was supposed to be a version of a bubble skirt in Burda, but when I gathered some of the skirt into the yoke it looked hideous.  I chopped the excess skirt width to fit the yoke and went with a plain old A-line skirt.   The yoke doesn’t have elastic in it per the pattern but I was suspicious of that.  I left an opening for elastic insertion and indeed after a bit of wear the knit stretched and I looked like one of those kids with their pants down their arse.  I added the necessary elastic and had to retrofit a sewn channel to keep it in place.  The hem is a serger rolled hem because that was the easiest thing to do there.

Voila!  A problem solving skirt that is as comfy as sweats, but not sweats that looks nothing like what I started out with.  It’s not exciting but it should be useful.


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  1. Nice. My favorite style of skirt – classy & comfy. I’m so glad you skipped the bubbliness since it I think seems to rarely look good once it’s on.

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