I wouldn’t wish that last week of work on anyone.  If it could go wrong, it did.  At least there were no medical emergencies…

There was also no crafting, just work and sleep.  The best I can do today is an iphone pic from my balcony of a gorgeous tropical morning sky in San Juan from my too short layover yesterday.  I wish I was still there, despite the crazy humidity and subsequent need for mass quantities of hair taming products.

Crafting-wise the pickings are slim here.  It’s hot and knitting doesn’t appeal.  I have to finish my Folded, it’s almost done so I shall try to hunker down.  Travel project is Different Lines which is lovely, just untouched by moi for the past week or so.  Sewing will be represented by Vogue 1235, pattern and material at the ready for cutting.  Time to do so is a definite maybe.

Sorry for the boring, but summer travel season is here which is a total bitch for my schedule.  Luckily I have jury duty in July so I’m actually looking forward to the break.  I’m probably their happiest jury pool member…


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  1. Thank goodness you’re out of there! Humidity is the enemy! Not that I’m looking forward to the Africa Hot that’s coming, but at least it won’t be muggy.

    Take care of yourself, Sil! We need you in one piece!


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