Coasters with a twist

Tropical is the theme of the blog lately.  Perhaps it was that hour (yes you read that right) I spent in Providenciales the other day.  Lovely tropical breezes and that really bright Caribbean sunshine got me in the summer mood.  When I came across this coaster project on Purl Bee the other day I knew it would be a good little hostess gift.

I used felt from Michael’s rather than nice felt, but it worked just fine.  I bought one square of each of the colors and two squares of the white.  I found you could actually make three coasters from the colored felt, but I couldn’t face any more fiddly sewing of wedges to pith.  Eight coasters are plenty.

I followed the directions on the Purl Bee site except I didn’t hand sew (horrors!).  I scrounged through the thread vault and found colors that matched well enough for coasters and machine sewed the things together.  I also had an overwhelming urge to pink the edges, so I did.  My coasters a bit wonky, but they’ll do the trick under those beer bottles.

Now for some reason, I’m thinking I’d really like some lemon meringue pie…


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  1. Love the coasters (and why would you use “good” felt on things you’ll probably have to wash at some point anyway?). And such a shame at a 1 hour trip to somewhere so beautiful!

  2. Very pretty! For the fiddly side, I think I’d glue the pieces on then sew from one side to the other in white and around the rim. Less turning. I suspect that it’s seeing all the detail that’s made me think of it, but you got a really cool result.

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