The after

So here’s my after picture of my nail decals after two days of work that included in no particular order:

  • two airport closures while enroute (simultaneously at one point)
  • a passenger having a mild heart attack – he was ok and we got him to the paramedics quickly
  • a 14 hour duty period (well a bit more actually but that’s the max we can work so we stopped counting)
  • a plane struck by lightning – actually quite common and not a problem, it’s just loud and weird sounding

So all in all, those nails don’t look too bad.  Also, that photo is my right hand (I’m right handed) which did all the heavy work.  The left hand looks pretty good.  I’ll try and fix the “chips” with my leftovers and see if that’s easily do-able.

My opinion of these Sally Hansen Nail Strips are a big pink sparkly thumbs up.  While the wear I see is the same as nail polish, I’m much more likely to put use these strips than to put on four coats of polish.  That doesn’t mean I’ll stop getting mani/pedis, but it’s a nice alternative for people like me who don’t like painting their own nails.  Also these strips wore as well as my $50 Shellac manis and are much more convenient.  I’ve got another CVS coupon so expect to see another color on my short and stumpy nails for this weekend’s trip.  The only thing that would not make me use these strips constantly is price.  They are $10 which is a bit more than a bottle of polish, but the same price as a manicure (where I live) so I’ll probably just switch off between manis, strips and nothing.  I’m going to try another color of the Sally Hansen Polish strips and apply them more carefully using nail scissors since you could easily get more than one application from a box.  Maybe the butterflies or one of the geometrics???


Not a normal tourist

Summer in Savannah, it’s getting to be hot and it’s already very sticky.  Lots of tourists around, but what do I do?  Go to CVS and buy hair clips (buy one get one!) and those new nail decal strips to try.  I chose pink glitter for my stumpy nails and will post the before picture now and I’ll see how well they hold up to a day of glamorous work today.  Perhaps the after picture won’t be so bad?

My review on applying thse Sally Hansen Nail Strips – they are a bit fiddly to apply but not difficult.  They’re about $10 at CVS but I got 25% off with a coupon.  If I’d had some nail scissors I could have used less of the strips since my nails are short.  I tried to cut the strip in half to fit two nails instead of one, but with limited success as I only had a nail clipper.  Still, easy enough and much quicker than painting them.  I’ll test them out at work today and I’ll see how they stand the abuse.  Will the disco pink still be so cute tonight?


That’s odd

This odd thing was right down the street from the hotel in Charlotte, NC.  I don’t know what it is as it’s mall adjacent, but I guess it’s a very modern bandshell?  Anyway it was the most interesting thing I saw on my hot, humid, sweaty walk.  When it’s this hot, shade is a good thing, even it looks like aliens provided it.

The goal is fried dough

A Beignet to the non-sewists is a fried dough treat from New Orleans, for the sewists in the crowd it’s a skirt pattern by Colette patterns.  Even though this is my dining room table, I am serving up a skirt.  Sorry hungry folk.

Even though I feel like I do nothing but work in the summer, I do have days off and need to live in the present.  Yes I know tomorrow is another seven days of h-e-double hockey sticks, but today is Beignet day.  I ordered the Beignet pattern from the Colette website and they were right on it.  Sent it out the same day.  Of course I was out working in the hot states when it arrived, but that’s not their fault.  They did their part.

Beignet is a fitted, high-waisted skirt with pockets, belt and button front closure.  Very cute versions abound on the web.  I opted for a stretch denim version because I don’t have a denim skirt (truth – I do have denim skirt but I don’t like it anymore).  This is medium wash 9 oz. stretch denim from the Joann’s up the road.  I also bought lining (stretch poly ) but decided lining a denim skirt is dumb.

So far I’ve learned that Colette patterns have you buy much more material than you need (I’ve got almost a yard leftover).  I knew from my sewing experience 2.5 yards of fabric for a 6 gore skirt is too much but I bought it anyway.  Turns out I’m right and the reviews on Pattern Review mention this.  Too bad I didn’t read them before fabric shopping.

I’ve also learned that despite cutting the size pattern my measurements correspond to, one still has to do rather a lot of fitting since this pattern runs a tad large.  Or maybe I just like a nice tight skirt.  In addition to 86-ing the lining, I’ve ditched the pockets too.  I’m sad about that, but they pulled open with the tightness of my possibly whore-like knee-length skirt.  No sassy hands in pockets posing for me.

Sadly I’m now out of sewing time and into major packing mode.  Finishing Beignet will be the goal for next week.  After all the fitting and pinning, I think she’s going to be a good one.  Another goal is watching the Netflix dvd I’ve carried around since April.  I need to cancel my subscription before the price hike since I never use it anymore.  I don’t begrudge them a price hike, I just never watch and paying more for nothing is dumb.  That’s two goals, it’s shaping up to be a busy week!

The line between Amish and Flashdance

My version of Folded is finally finished.  I started this in March and finished last week.  Clearly I didn’t work on it too steadily as this is a pretty easy pattern, just a bottom up raglan in the round with a yoke detail.  Doesn’t sound like four months work of work does it?

I used Berroco Alpaca Fine which is a very nice yarn and I knit it rather loosely.  The resulting fabric created is very light and airy with good drape.  Perfect in fact for my usually nice climate here in California.  The only thing I did a bit differently is add body length and a few more decrease rounds in the yoke since I wanted to make sure the neck would fall off my shoulders a la Flashdance.  I didn’t really keep track of the number of additional decreased I made, but rather I kept trying the sweater on and guessed where I thought a good spot to start the back neck shortrows would be – you know, the line between Flashdance and Amish.  It worked out ok, and I could even have done one or two less decrease rounds and been fine.

I shall root around the knitting basket to pick up another project in hibernation. I think it will be this cardie, though I’ll have to find the French dictionary since it’s not a translated pattern.  I’ve made 1.5 sleeves already as an extended swatch and all seems well.  I’ve wanted to make this sweater since I saw it so a kick in pants is what I need.  <insert kicking here>

The girls on parade

WordPress just vaporized my post, but left the title.  Everyone’s a critic…I shall attempt to reconstruct.

I’ve finished my version of Vogue 1235 using a nice knit from my fave store Fabrix.  Uh hello, knits for $3.50 a yard, sign me up, enable my love of knit dresses please!  Plus there’s no pressure if you mess up something, it’s not a gizillion bucks a yard – that may just be me and my mental state though.

I digress, I made yet another knit dress from gray heather knit jersey, most likely a cotton/rayon/poly/lycra blend.  It’s very stretchy and I should have constructed the dress a bit differently to get a better finish, but I didn’t think ahead.  I shall do better next time.  I modified some elements of the dress by sewing the front bodice closed (I looked like a wannabe for the Playboy mansion there), eliminating the belt (too much fabric meeting at the ground zero of my waist/bust area) and shortening it 2.5″ to knee length.  I also eliminated the side zipper because my stretchy fabric didn’t need it.  Score!  Plus there are pockets!  Bonus score!

More details of my construction are in my review on Patternreview.  I’m a bit worried this will stretch with wearing as it constructed with that fickle clear elastic, but I shall try it this week on my layovers in hot places.  So if you see a pale redhead wandering around Charleston in a gray sack, say hi and hand me a belt!

Heatwave = wool

There’s a saying that sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good – well yesterday I made my flight home by literally ONE minute (the last flight out of Dodge btw).  I’ll take lucky…and those workouts at the gym do have a practical application when you’re sprinting down the airport corridor pulling your luggage wearing your uniform.

Apparently all this noctural drama made we want to knit this morning over my coffee, so I pulled out Folded who was waiting patiently in the knitting basket.  I realized how CLOSE I am to finishing this sweater.  I want to make the yoke big enough to cover the bra straps or most of the tank straps – which is how I’ll wear this sweater so you can see from the photos it’s close.  Not quite, but close.

The Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine is nice to knit with and I hope it will bloom with a good wet blocking.  I’d like to block some drape into this with a pretty firm blocking (read yanking and pulling) since the gauge is loose enough to make that look flowy and pretty rather than misshapen.  Overall, so far so good.  The main problem with finishing this is the temperature outside, slated for 89 degrees today here in the land of no air conditioning.

Delicious rain

Oh Columbus, you are a delicious one!  Today I began a really crap-tastic work trip, well technically today is fine, the next two days will blow hard.  Such is life.  Today is our focus though.  I think those TNNA atendees past and present will recognize Jeni’s Ice Cream in the center and the left represents my lunch from A Taste of Belgium – a crepe filled with goat cheese, spinach, red peppers and balsamic glaze.  It was very delicous.  Jeni devotees may wish to know that my ice cream dish is three mini scoops (from left clockwise):  brown butter almond brittle, Rockmill Golden Ale and apricots and cardamom lime.  I am not an ice cream person but after hearing all the praise I went for it and was glad I did. So very good and not too sweet.  In fact I would love to work my way through their inventory as a fact finding kind of thing.

Now it’s some Summer Chill on Pandora and knitting the first pair of Summer of Socks in the comfy hotel bed while watching the rain.  Tomorrow and the next day will be icky, but today was delicious.