The girls on parade

WordPress just vaporized my post, but left the title.  Everyone’s a critic…I shall attempt to reconstruct.

I’ve finished my version of Vogue 1235 using a nice knit from my fave store Fabrix.  Uh hello, knits for $3.50 a yard, sign me up, enable my love of knit dresses please!  Plus there’s no pressure if you mess up something, it’s not a gizillion bucks a yard – that may just be me and my mental state though.

I digress, I made yet another knit dress from gray heather knit jersey, most likely a cotton/rayon/poly/lycra blend.  It’s very stretchy and I should have constructed the dress a bit differently to get a better finish, but I didn’t think ahead.  I shall do better next time.  I modified some elements of the dress by sewing the front bodice closed (I looked like a wannabe for the Playboy mansion there), eliminating the belt (too much fabric meeting at the ground zero of my waist/bust area) and shortening it 2.5″ to knee length.  I also eliminated the side zipper because my stretchy fabric didn’t need it.  Score!  Plus there are pockets!  Bonus score!

More details of my construction are in my review on Patternreview.  I’m a bit worried this will stretch with wearing as it constructed with that fickle clear elastic, but I shall try it this week on my layovers in hot places.  So if you see a pale redhead wandering around Charleston in a gray sack, say hi and hand me a belt!

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