The line between Amish and Flashdance

My version of Folded is finally finished.  I started this in March and finished last week.  Clearly I didn’t work on it too steadily as this is a pretty easy pattern, just a bottom up raglan in the round with a yoke detail.  Doesn’t sound like four months work of work does it?

I used Berroco Alpaca Fine which is a very nice yarn and I knit it rather loosely.  The resulting fabric created is very light and airy with good drape.  Perfect in fact for my usually nice climate here in California.  The only thing I did a bit differently is add body length and a few more decrease rounds in the yoke since I wanted to make sure the neck would fall off my shoulders a la Flashdance.  I didn’t really keep track of the number of additional decreased I made, but rather I kept trying the sweater on and guessed where I thought a good spot to start the back neck shortrows would be – you know, the line between Flashdance and Amish.  It worked out ok, and I could even have done one or two less decrease rounds and been fine.

I shall root around the knitting basket to pick up another project in hibernation. I think it will be this cardie, though I’ll have to find the French dictionary since it’s not a translated pattern.  I’ve made 1.5 sleeves already as an extended swatch and all seems well.  I’ve wanted to make this sweater since I saw it so a kick in pants is what I need.  <insert kicking here>