The goal is fried dough

A Beignet to the non-sewists is a fried dough treat from New Orleans, for the sewists in the crowd it’s a skirt pattern by Colette patterns.  Even though this is my dining room table, I am serving up a skirt.  Sorry hungry folk.

Even though I feel like I do nothing but work in the summer, I do have days off and need to live in the present.  Yes I know tomorrow is another seven days of h-e-double hockey sticks, but today is Beignet day.  I ordered the Beignet pattern from the Colette website and they were right on it.  Sent it out the same day.  Of course I was out working in the hot states when it arrived, but that’s not their fault.  They did their part.

Beignet is a fitted, high-waisted skirt with pockets, belt and button front closure.  Very cute versions abound on the web.  I opted for a stretch denim version because I don’t have a denim skirt (truth – I do have denim skirt but I don’t like it anymore).  This is medium wash 9 oz. stretch denim from the Joann’s up the road.  I also bought lining (stretch poly ) but decided lining a denim skirt is dumb.

So far I’ve learned that Colette patterns have you buy much more material than you need (I’ve got almost a yard leftover).  I knew from my sewing experience 2.5 yards of fabric for a 6 gore skirt is too much but I bought it anyway.  Turns out I’m right and the reviews on Pattern Review mention this.  Too bad I didn’t read them before fabric shopping.

I’ve also learned that despite cutting the size pattern my measurements correspond to, one still has to do rather a lot of fitting since this pattern runs a tad large.  Or maybe I just like a nice tight skirt.  In addition to 86-ing the lining, I’ve ditched the pockets too.  I’m sad about that, but they pulled open with the tightness of my possibly whore-like knee-length skirt.  No sassy hands in pockets posing for me.

Sadly I’m now out of sewing time and into major packing mode.  Finishing Beignet will be the goal for next week.  After all the fitting and pinning, I think she’s going to be a good one.  Another goal is watching the Netflix dvd I’ve carried around since April.  I need to cancel my subscription before the price hike since I never use it anymore.  I don’t begrudge them a price hike, I just never watch and paying more for nothing is dumb.  That’s two goals, it’s shaping up to be a busy week!