Not a normal tourist

Summer in Savannah, it’s getting to be hot and it’s already very sticky.  Lots of tourists around, but what do I do?  Go to CVS and buy hair clips (buy one get one!) and those new nail decal strips to try.  I chose pink glitter for my stumpy nails and will post the before picture now and I’ll see how well they hold up to a day of glamorous work today.  Perhaps the after picture won’t be so bad?

My review on applying thse Sally Hansen Nail Strips – they are a bit fiddly to apply but not difficult.  They’re about $10 at CVS but I got 25% off with a coupon.  If I’d had some nail scissors I could have used less of the strips since my nails are short.  I tried to cut the strip in half to fit two nails instead of one, but with limited success as I only had a nail clipper.  Still, easy enough and much quicker than painting them.  I’ll test them out at work today and I’ll see how they stand the abuse.  Will the disco pink still be so cute tonight?