The after

So here’s my after picture of my nail decals after two days of work that included in no particular order:

  • two airport closures while enroute (simultaneously at one point)
  • a passenger having a mild heart attack – he was ok and we got him to the paramedics quickly
  • a 14 hour duty period (well a bit more actually but that’s the max we can work so we stopped counting)
  • a plane struck by lightning – actually quite common and not a problem, it’s just loud and weird sounding

So all in all, those nails don’t look too bad.  Also, that photo is my right hand (I’m right handed) which did all the heavy work.  The left hand looks pretty good.  I’ll try and fix the “chips” with my leftovers and see if that’s easily do-able.

My opinion of these Sally Hansen Nail Strips are a big pink sparkly thumbs up.  While the wear I see is the same as nail polish, I’m much more likely to put use these strips than to put on four coats of polish.  That doesn’t mean I’ll stop getting mani/pedis, but it’s a nice alternative for people like me who don’t like painting their own nails.  Also these strips wore as well as my $50 Shellac manis and are much more convenient.  I’ve got another CVS coupon so expect to see another color on my short and stumpy nails for this weekend’s trip.  The only thing that would not make me use these strips constantly is price.  They are $10 which is a bit more than a bottle of polish, but the same price as a manicure (where I live) so I’ll probably just switch off between manis, strips and nothing.  I’m going to try another color of the Sally Hansen Polish strips and apply them more carefully using nail scissors since you could easily get more than one application from a box.  Maybe the butterflies or one of the geometrics???