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September is red scarf time!

I noticed Norma had a post on the Red Scarf/Fund drive for The Orphan Foundation.  The group has recently been renamed Foster Care to Success, and they provide assistance and support to kids who’ve aged out of the foster care system at the as they continue their education. Now that’s a freaking great thing. You simply knit a red scarf for a kid as part of their Valentine’s Day surprise.   Some years I make a scarf and sometimes I don’t have time and just make a donation.  Either way, the cause is good.

You can make a red unisex scarf for submission between 1 September through 15 December and all the information is here.

My scarf above is made from some hand spun purloined from my sister’s fiber hoard the other day.  She had three skeins of this heavy aran-ish weight and she certainly won’t use it, having no knitting drive at the moment.  She has no recollection what/where/how about this fiber but it’s a soft wool and is a pretty red.

I chose the Autobahn Scarf pattern from the newest edition of Twist Collective.  Unfortunately I started and ripped this scarf about four times before I realized it’s not me, it’s you.  Yup, tiny pattern error (which is now fixed) caused me to almost give up on this pattern.  But luckily it was all figured out and things are going well.  This scarf has a cable moving back and forth across it and is totally reversible.  Love that.  I’m using a size 8 needle and 46 stitches to make a 7″ wide scarf.  It’s going quickly and I can get back to a neglected sock in my travel bag.


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  1. I think I may do the red scarf project this year. I’ve never done it before, but it’s a worthy cause. I don’t think I have the yarn though, may need to buy some . . .

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