Who’s hungry?

When you travel it’s really hard to find good food – not just tasty food, food that won’t make you look like a big, fat American.  Salads in many parts of our nation mean iceberg lettuce.  I don’t think so buddy.  When I get home I like to make what I want and eat it when I want it.  No more “lunch” at 10 a.m. and dinner at 9:30pm.

My collage is of a few things I’m stuck on right now:

Top left are organic tree ripe peaches (and nectarines that I already ate) from Dry Creek Peaches and yes I go to the farm to get them.  Uh, what’s that apple doing on the pile?  That is the first of the season Gravenstein apples, a local variety.  More yum.

Top right were the result of having too many blueberries leftover to eat before I go back to work tomorrow.  I found this recipe and halved it to make nine regular sized muffins.  I’ve still got enough blueberries to snack on and now I’ve got some muffin-liciousness for the freezer to enjoy when I get home.  Please don’t point out that I could have frozen the blueberries, it’s just not the same as fresh blueberry muffins.  Note on halving the recipe:  I used two eggs and a bit less milk (lowfat) to compensate; I used one small lemon since half a lemon tends to get tossed at my house.  Super yummy and not too sweet.  I skipped muffin papers and just sprayed my tins with canola oil spray and that worked fine.  Muffins need crunchy outsides!

Lower right – fooled you with this one.  I didn’t make peach jam (and probably never will) but I made the bread.  I checked The Bread Bible out of the library on a whim as it was sitting next to the book I was looking for and promptly started making bread!  I usually make my own bread using my favorite no knead wheat bread recipe, but I thought I’d give a different bread a try.  My first bread was Tyrolean Ten-Grain Torpedo bread and that was quite good – it needed more salt but that was my fault since I didn’t put enough in – dork.  My second bread is pictured with the Dry Creek Peach Jam and is Cracked Wheat Loaf and is sooooo amazingly delicious.  That will be my new house bread.  It’s that good.  I even bought the recipe book since I don’t want to be without it when the library wants it back.

Lower left is the hummingbird feeder, though not just hummingbirds enjoy the sugar water.  It’s birdy Grand Central around these parts.  My “recipe” is 1/2 c sugar and 2 c water boiled and cooled.  That seems to last for 6 or 7 days.  You should hear the squawking when that gets emptied.  Seriously demanding bird population.

What are your food faves?


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  1. I’ve been in a serious fruit & cottage cheese mood, which is odd because I used to have serious texture issues with cottage cheese. Those muffins looks delicious. I’ve got some blueberries that I just put in the freezer that’ll be just perfect for them.

  2. It all looks delicious! I made muffins today too, trying to use up the Raisin Bran before it went stale. Instead of sugar,I ttried the 1/2 sugar 1/2 Splenda blend. They turned out good – not too sweet so I can add jam 🙂

    Also sewed 4 pillowcases. They were sale kits at Hobby Lobby – 2 pillow cases for $4, I thought they would take me 1/2 hr to make – wrong! But, yay for a productive day off 🙂

  3. I am coveting your blueberry muffins; great photo! This year I’m freezing some blueberries so I have something besides apples in January. I know they’ll be mushy but I won’t care. 🙂
    I’ll wait a couple of weeks before I put “The Bread Bible” on my SFPL request list so you can spend a bit more time with it. Must make a Tyrolean Torpedo; sounds good and has a great name. I know “torpedo” is a normal bread term and nothing to do with weaponry, but still.
    My current favorite is tartlets. I made sweet tart dough from the Tartine bakery cookbook and baked it into little tartlet shells that I froze. I like to grab one of those and put it in a bowl so I can overfill it with fruit (blueberries and Italian plums the other night), then bake it for about 15 minutes so the shell is defrosted and the fruit starting to get gooey on top. Fabulous.

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