I don’t do the dew

I must admit that any knowledge I possess is limited.  I will never be an asset to your quiz team.  I’m ok with that though.  Here again is another thing I knew nothing about – this is a track built under my hotel room window wherein people (I only saw young men) ride bikes and motorbikes up and down these massive jumps and do tricks while going very fast.  While their skills amazed me, I must admit that I was thinking of the future first class holidays being banked by orthopedic doctors on behalf of those riders.

Now those riders were rather adorable and friendly, they would do their thing across the street, ride off the track, across the street, into our hotel lobby and up the elevator (bikes only – no motorbikes).  Very efficient.  This event didn’t go too late (it is SLC afterall) and the band after the races finished at 11pm (I had to be at work at 5am!).  All is well right?  No, the earth movers and dump trucks worked on that dang track all night!  I don’t think that was quite fair, but there it is.

Luckily I’d had a super awesome day with Cheryl who kindly picked me up and took me to the Greek Festival down the block.  We had yummy food and sips of Greek wine with Greek music to entertain us.  Delish!  I forced Cheryl to take me to her local yarn shop so I could look for a yarn to make a scarf to coordinate with my raspberry coat (still making the pattern fyi).

Blazing Needles is one of the best shops I’ve been to.  Excellent stock with a wonderful atmosphere.  I was quite at home on my first visit.  Cheryl even put up with me shoving balls of yarn onto her neck to determine if the yarn was soft enough to be scarf worthy.  Two skeins of Taiyo were procured and then we met up with Margene for a bit of knitting and conversation.  A wonderful day!  Thanks to Cheryl and Margene!

My destination the next day was meant to be San Francisco (I bid layovers at home!) but alas we were rerouted to San Juan (they got the San right anyway).  I think it was because of my well known love of tropical storms and PR was getting a bit of TS Maria.  When is hurricane season over?  I can’t take the pressure…


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