What are you wearing?!

These pictures should immediately make you wonder why I’m wearing a hospital gown.  I’m not, it’s the muslin for my Raspberry Coat, which has been going slowly due to sloth on my part.

The next question that should pop into your head is why I have 4 yards of this material clearly only suited for hospital gowns.  I don’t know.  I don’t remember buying mass quantities of this cotton – curtains or a duvet cover are projects that spring to mind, but I’ve got nothing people.  What it turned out to be is good for a muslin.

Now the problem I’ve had with the muslin is that this is a coat.  It’s supposed to have gobs of ease since you wear it over clothes – not pjs like this photos shows.  The front seemed ok, but the back gave me pause.  I’ve got shoulders like a linebacker and a noteworthy booty, but even this seems big.  Or is it.  I decided to lay this muslin against a coat that fits me well and compare.  They are almost identical, so I shall go with this configuration.  I will add 1/4″ to the seams below the waist since I want lots of booty shaking room and can always take it out if it’s too baglady.

Also this muslin is longer than I envisioned so I shall shorten the pattern by 2.5″.  The finished coat will be about 4″ shorter than this muslin when it’s hemmed and altered.  Also the wool version won’t have pencil marks all over it – they’ll be on the inside.  I shall write naughty things in chalk on the inside pieces…

Knittingwise I thought I’d start a scarf with the Noro Taiyo I bought with Cheryl the other day.  I’d liked the shawl Hercule Poirot (as I obsessed about here) was wearing but I wanted an easy scarf.  I do love those colors though!  Also with Missoni being all over the media with their Target release I thought the Taiyo would be a good faux Missoni yarn.  I worried I’d not have enough yarn to make a substantial scarf so I decided on a cowl.  I chose the 12 Stitch Razor Shell from Barbara Walker’s First Treasury and 217 stitches in the round to make a cowl about 50″ (fingers crossed on the math part) around – good for a double wrap.  I think it’s the right size and it does look Missoni-esque if you squint.  Plus I didn’t need to brave the Target melee to get it.

The only problem with the cowl is that it’s so hot outside that it almost spontaneous combusted while I took the quick snap you see above.  I’d like some fog please!

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  1. Ha! That’s so funny. When I saw the picture I immediately thought “Uh Oh! Something’s wrong. Sil’s wearing a hospital gown. I hope it’s just a routine check-up”… and then I read the actual post (instead of just looking at the pictures). You totally got me.

    I’m impressed that you’re making a muslin first. I’m not a seamstress, so I’m in awe of all you do. Can’t wait to see it.

    Oh, and I’m very glad you’re not ill!

  2. The cowl definitely looks Missoni-like! Good idea.
    The muslin seems to have the right ease for a coat. Maybe you bought all that cotton because it would be great for making muslins!

  3. I was not thinking hospital gown. I was too busy being impressed that the jammie pants went with the muslin.

    Love the cowl! Spot on for the Missoni style, I think.

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