Just in time for fall…

Thank goodness for the uncomplaining fence.  It’s wearing this alpaca scarf with nary a complaint.  Me, I’ve got twenty pictures of me wearing it with a big old puss on my face.  Too hot!  No, I mean that literally.

Finished is Different Lines by Miss Veera Välimäki.  Another enjoyable pattern, this one shaped like a triangle the melted and warped in the sun.  Again with the hot references.  I again used Isager Strik Aplaka 2 which is an amazing yarn that I would eat, should it be edible.  It is not so I knit with it, often.

This scarf has used 2 skeins of orange and 1.75 of the taupe or about 1000 yards.  Please remember that math is not my strong suit.  I like using the Isager and knitting a bit loose so I can scrunch it up scarfwise into a jacket.  It’s light and warm and much too hot for today.  Finished measurements are 88″ across x 27″ at short side x 64″ at not the short side; the length from top to point is 22.5″.

I blocked this scarf using a new method that worked pretty well here, but I can’t see it working in all situations.  I soaked the scarf in Eucalan, spun it out and hung it over my shower curtain rod.  No pinning necessary and kind of embarrassing to share, but there it is.  It looks fine.

And because you didn’t ask for it, pictures of me with a puss on my face wearing a hot scarf and a sundress.  Enjoy!


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  1. Beautiful! Love the colors-perfect for fall/winter. I recently made one, too, and it’s such an easy & fun knit. Now, when it finally cools down enough, we’ll both be able to enjoy our new shawl/scarf!

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