I love WD-40

What does WD-40 have to do with those orange socks? Nothing.  I just needed to share my love of this odd substance.  I just used WD-40 to get tar off my car.  Worked like a charm!  I then dropped a bit of wax on my bathroom rug (hair removal wax – the sticky kind) and didn’t kow what to do.  I ignored it for a bit then thought of the wonder elixir.  WD-40 removed the wax from the carpet.  What is this stuff?!

Today I learned on Dr. Oz that I am addicted to lip balm.  I’m ok with this addiction, though may hit the CVS when I’m off work next week…

I am knitting some Spey Valley Socks in orange for the Halloween season.  I’m not hurrying to get them done for Rhinebeck.  I am convinced that Rhinebeck will be warm and pleasant this year.  I am a big baby and don’t like the cold.  I am sick of wearing a warm, but semi-unflattering puffer jacket just to keep from whining myself to death.  Really, I almost lost the will to live at a few of the past festivals.  So this year, I am declaring global warming to be my friend.  Warm, pleasant temps please Rhinebeck.


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  1. There is so much lovely red and orange on this blog! I honestly don’t even recognize my putative handspun in the foster care scarf. If you say I made it, then I did. As for a a warm Rhinebeck, god I hope so. At least a non-rainy Rhinebeck, please.

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