What? No back?

What? No back?
I am trying to sympathize with you eastern folks with your snowstorm by eating soup, baking carrot cake and knitting on my chunky cardigan. It’s because I care. Oh yeah, it’s 80 degrees here today. Don’t be a hater, it’ll be winter here soon enough – though I pretty much guarantee it won’t snow.

I picked up my Phildar chunky cardie and it’s really going quickly.  I started with the sleeves in oder to get back in the swing of a pattern written in French, which I sadly don’t speak.  Then I decided the fronts would be easier than the back and made those, figuring out the chart.  Well the chart is pretty darn simple – it’s a 15 stitch cable.

Now I felt ready to start the back and looked at the pattern instructions and realized the back has no cables at all, it’s just 3/3 ribbing!  I’m such a dork, the back is so darn easy and I put it off figuring there would be cables.  At least it’s an easy knit that I can take it up and put it down without a thought, espcially when football watching.

Maybe I’ll get this done before the weather starts dipping down into the frosty 60s…


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  1. Ya know, if those people ever dig out, they’re going to come looking for you. ;^)

    I love the cardie so far! Hurry up and finish it so I can see how it turns out.


  2. I’ve been going through a spree of translating French patterns (Bergere de France) into English. It goes pretty quickly once you get the hang of it. Oddly, I find it easier to translate French patterns than German patterns.

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