How do you say “huh” en francais?

The back (dos) of my cardigan (gilet) is done and next up is the collar (bande d’encolure).  I believe one knits up the collar separately and sews it on.  The directions go on a bit about knitting the last two rows in a different color.  I guess they have you knit the collar and then end with two rows on waste yarn that one unravels and grafts onto the sweater – though to be fair I didn’t translate the directions, so who knows what it really says.  Why not just sew up the sweater body then pick up and knit?    No reason I can see, and the knitting police won’t knock on the door if I just do it my way, will they?

The raspberry coat is laying about patiently while I get around to cutting out the lining.  I should have more time since I’m on vacation and it is indeed gettting cooler as more motivation.  Do you know it won’t even get to 70 degrees today?!  Tomorrow yes, today no.  And this morning I snapped a car piccie of the pretty fall foliage we’ve got around here.  Yup, it’s the grape vines.  They’re looking very autumnal!


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  1. Phildar ALWAYS has you do the sew-on grafting baloney. ALWAYS. They are french-friend crazypants.

    And there are so many different ways to say “Eh?” in French, including “Comment?” and “Qua?” Or just do the universal french raspberry blowing, I’m sure that works too.

    The knitting police are ON THEIR WAY

  2. Hi Silvia! Thanks for your comment on my blog – I have that Stitch in Time bok on my Amazon Wishlist – it looks great doesn’t it?

    Your cabled cardigan looks lovely and very cosy 🙂

  3. Look at those beautiful vineyards. I just love fall in Sonoma County. Finish that coat before t-giving! I’m betting you are going to need it.

  4. There’s a group on Ravelry that helps you translate patterns. They might be able to help you with that bit of your pattern if you’re so moved.

    Love the photo!

    We’ve had frost every morning this week. I wanna knit sweaters!

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