When in doubt, choose cheese…

I’ve been working away trying to find a way to make this Swiss Cheese scarf work.  Alas, it isn’t.  The yarn is the lovely stuff that I started Herbivore with, but that wasn’t working for me either.  I thought Swiss Cheese would be fun and mindless but it isn’t.  I’ve worked the holes in different sizes and am still trying to find a way to not have those loose stitches at the sides of the holes.  I’ve even busted out the Montse Stanley and that only works for one side of the hole.  I can’t live with those lose stitches, it’s all I see.  Others have had this problem too, but they’ve found a way.  Me, not so much.

Oh green sock yarn, what do you want to be?

I also started my Raspberry coat after much procrastination.  It’s coming along fine, but I just hit my first booboo.  I cut one of the collar pieces with the nap of the fabric running the wrong way.  It feels like you’re rubbing your kitty’s fur the wrong way, and I just can’t live with the knowledge of that mistake.  I’ve recut the offending collar piece but am really not hurrying to unpick the stitching of the collar.  Not hurrying at all…


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  1. Should I make the obvious comment, that the green sock yarn should be well . . . socks? Unless of course your looking for a scarf, in which case my pattern well is just as dry as yours.

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