I am a lazy cow

Despite having masses of time off before Thanksgiving, I did not finish my Raspberry coat.  Honestly, I certainly could have, but chose to do other things.  Or sometimes I chose to do f-all.  Oh well.  This coat pic shows a bit of my progress.  I sewed in the collar, it still needs pressing but it looks remarkably fine to my eye.  The center front isn’t pressed either so don’t look at that.  You looked.  The coat is going together rather well but I haven’t decided how highbrow to take the construction.  I really hate hand sewing so the quick and easy RTW methods are looking attractive.  We shall see.

For Thanksgiving I went to my sister’s house and no visit to her house is complete without me taking some of her unused yarn, so I took some.  This lovely purple stuff has no labels but is soft and has a bit of a sheen.  It looks like a light fingering weight and should knit up to be a pretty thing.  I’m thinking lacy scarf and I think it’s mine.  It may even sort of match the raspberry coat.  I’ll have to look into that.

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  1. The raspberry is gorgeous, très jolie, et je crois bien que le fil ira avec. Tell me if you prefer I not add French bits.

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