Hello 80s!

Doesn’t this colorway just scream 1980s?  Adorable!  Worry not, I’m not pegging my pants and cutting my hair in a bi-level. Didn’t do that then, won’t do it now.

What these socks are is a present for a friend who requested another pair for xmas.  Yes, xmas knitting.  I know, I don’t do that but it is just socks and this friend and I survived the 80s together (yes, we have mutual dirt on each other).  The yarn is Vesper Sock in the sugar plum colorway (or Hello 80s in my house) and is my usual sock of 60 stitches for the ribbing and decrease 4 stitches every inch 4X to 56 stitches.  I thought I’d spice up the formula by trying an afterthought heel.  I see lots of tutorials online and it doesn’t look hard.  If I hate it, I’ll rip it out and do a short row heel instead.  I’m sure it’ll be fine though.

The pic above left is in the past but it shows the colors best.  The pic on the right shows my progress to date (next to my own bit of autumn color).  Knitting a tube goes very quickly!


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