Degrees of fail

Today I’m pondering various degree of project fail.  We all know about epic fail, the absolute disaster that even you can no longer squint at and say “it’ll come out with blocking”.  This fail is a mild “it’s just not working” kind of fail.

What’s wrong with said mitt?  Nothing other than it won’t work for intended recipient.  My friend wears dress shirts with french cuffs to work, so putting these mitts on with the long pretty cuffs won’t work without taking out cufflinks.  Considering I’m thinking these mitts are for cold mornings on the long commute, undressing to wear mitts is dumb.

What’s the plan?  I can rip these and make shorter cuffed mitts or use a completely different yarn that’s slightly softer with more elasticity. I’m opting to root around the stash for some softer yarn in a smaller gauge and making shorter  mitts.  Luckily these are NOT Christmas gifts, rather birthday gifts.  We do NOT shortchange the December birthdays around these parts!

What is not a fail in this picture is that I finally put the ornaments on the tree.  I’d set up the wee fake tree (it’s 4.5 feet, so not too wee) and plugged it in and happily left it twinkling sans decorations for a week.  The boxes of decorations were sitting right next to the tree, but it took a week to give it that half hour of attention.  Still, it’s cute and I’m happy.  Except about mitts.

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  1. It seems a shame to rip that out if you don’t need to recycle the yarn for that gift. Love the tree! I bought a small (real) tree, but its still in the garage.

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