Ok, I tried to eat the oatmeal every day but I balked on day 4.  No way was that oatmeal gonna go in my mouth.  Wheat toast to the rescue.  Though if you’ve seen any of the new Ab Fab episodes, Patsy’s “French” breakfast is caffeine and nicotine.  Even that sounds better than oatmeal today.

That wheat toast energized me to make two pairs of pj bottoms, sweatshop style.  It really is much faster making them simultaneously and not one by one.  I’ve got scads of new flannel since Joann was practically giving it away before xmas.  Each piece cost me about 5 bucks for 2.5 yards.  I know!  How could I not buy way too much?

The pj pattern was taken off a pair of perfect pj bottoms that bit the dust years ago.  I’ve knocked these off for years now.  I love them and you really need to wear pjs in hotels in case of midnight fire alarms (more common than you think) or lax cleaners.  Shexy they’re not, but whatev.

Knitting-wise I started a cowl because last week I went to St. Louis where it was 17 degrees.  I was cold and apologize to any passengers who may have been offended by me calling their charming hometown a “frozen hellscape” (even though it is).  I had no idea it was this cold already since California has been blissfully warm and nurturing a drought.  A cowl should take up less valuable space in my bag and it’s red to sneak it by my work dress code nazis.  I’ve calculated 38″ should go around my neck twice AND go over my head with no remainder.  Ravelry had no acceptable cowls to make so I just made one up.  I added the moss stitch snowflake motif to break up the monotony.  Plus I’ll know to wear it if I see said snowflakes “live” as it were.

This week I shall button the lining into my coat and bring a hat and gloves.  Thanks for the heads up St. Louis.


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  1. LOVE your cherry blossom PJ pants. I must get it together enough to sew a pair of my own. I ate oatmeal everyday for years…that’s just how I am. Red is the perfect color to keep you warm.

  2. St. Louis warmed up after you left. It was almost 70 on Friday. It’s cooled down some since — today (Sunday) it’s in the 40s — and I think it’s supposed to stay like this most of the week.

  3. I blame you for my recent fabric store purchase of flannel and a PJ bottom pattenr. I will be warm, cute, and covered in case of hotel room fire alarms. Just as soon as I unbury the sewing machines.

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