Go big or go home

Today is football day.   I mean American football for those international sorts among us.  After nine years of not-so-good-ness my fave team (SF 49ers of course) are in the playoffs.  Honestly it’s been so long since last post season we all don’t know what to do with ourselves.

Me, I finished my red cowl which coordinates nicely with the team colors.  It’s still way too warm to wear a cowl, unless you get up at 3am and go to work.  I’m not doing that today since it’s football day.  Pay attention.  I just made up this cowl figuring I wanted it about 40″ around to fit over my head doubled and be snug and warm.  I knit up a gauge swatch and then did the math.  180 stitches for ribbing (3×1), decrease 4 stitches after 2″ of ribbing.  Knit stockinette for 3/4″ and begin the very simple Latin Star motif from Walker’s Third Treasury.  Then do the other stuff in reverse and voila!  Cowl.

In hindsight, I could have just done 2×2 rib for the whole shebang since you really don’t see the motif when scrunched up on the neck.  I shall have to remember that when next I want a cowl.  Sizewise I’m pleased with the 40″ circumference and the 9.75″ width works too.  My fabric is rather scrunchable and drapey which helps the overall wearability.  There’s more info on my rav page if you really want to know.

Next up will be a pot of tomato soup for football watching enjoyment.  Red soup will coordinate nicely with the team uniforms…Me, I plan to be in my pajamas all day.  Fingers crossed!


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  1. Tomato soup will also blend in nicely with the cowl if you spill it while you’re eating it. And if you’re remotely as coordinated as I am, that’s a given. The cowl is nice too. I don’t think the patterning was a wasted effort – you can see some of it in your picture.

  2. This cowl, I love. Extra ultra alpaca, I have. Seeing how nicely that yarn blocks, I smile. Cold weather, a plenty. Can’t wait!

  3. Seems like that cowl plus the tomato soup worked wonders for the Niners! You’ll have to do all that over again for the next game. 😉

  4. The cowl looks amazing! Even if casual observers can’t see the snowflakes when the cowl is on, I guarantee you people will admire it when you take it off. Also, thank you for pointing out that tomato soup recipe; it sounds fantastic and I’m going to make it next weekend.

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