Well, we went big

If you don’t like (American) football skip down to the next paragraph.  Yup, my team won (go 49ers!) in one darn crazy, nerve wracking game.  But they won and I drank some wine and calmed the hell down.  My friends knew not to call, so the texts I received were of the “go 9ers” and “you must be pissing yourself” ilk.  AND it’s all happening again on Sunday.  Must get more wine…

Lest you think I’m a football watching yahoo, I like to craft while watching football, though crafting was nigh impossible during the aforementioned BEST GAME EVER.  But I did make a tunic – there were 3 other (boring) games this weekend.  I saw Mariko’s tunic last week and knew I wanted one too.  I chose Burda Style 08-2008-118 as my tunic.  Mariko made her own pattern to copy one she’d seen in Japan.  I am lazy so I used a pattern I already had.  The only change I made to the tunic pattern was to make it A-line (I added 2 cm to the front and 4 cm to the back side seams – blended to nothing at the waist).  I sewed the seams with a narrow zigzag first then serged.  Hems are finished with serger then twin needle.  It took an hour to make the pattern and half a boring football game to sew it up.

The fabric used here is ponte di roma in a lace pattern.  I’ve never used ponte di roma before and I love love love it.  I want a whole wardrobe from it.  I overstate, but that’s how I am.  I’d used ponte before, that is kinda nasty double knit that you get in cheerleading outfits and pants with a sewn in front fold and elastic waist.  No thanks.  Ponte di roma is still poly but has one way stretch and is magically made soft, has a warm hand and doesn’t look like poly.  Though I could park my car on top of this tunic and it still wouldn’t wrinkle.

But why am I looking like a dork in the photo above.  It’s because of ponte di roma.  When cutting this tunic, my scissors really felt dull.  Mind you these are the very same scissors from when I was an FIT student one billion years ago (well the mid 90s but whatev).  Gingher G-8 8-inch Knife-Edge Dressmaker Shears.  I had to get them sharpened asap, like you do.  The sharpening guy was at the Marin Farmer’s Market that very morning.  I had him sharpen my scissors, which he complimented on their superior scissor-ness-itude, not like that cheap crap some folks bring in I’ll bet.  I wandered the market while I waited and bought organic butternut squash and beets.  While taking these very photos of dork-facedness, I was actually wondering if my roasting squash needed turning.  It is a very superior squash I purchased.  Hence ponte di roma caused me to buy a squash and cook it during my photo shoot and I am making a dork face into the kitchen window.  Clear, that.

I shall leave you with a closeup of the tunic that so very clearly looks like an homage to Muench’s The Scream.  Too bad I didn’t do it on purpose.

More info in my pattern review here.


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  1. Love that tunic. You still appear to be fit unless the tunic has a magic pouch. Whenever I read the word butternut it’s with the accent of the guy who owns the hound dog in the movie best in show

  2. The tunic really looks good, dork face or no. I have the very same pair of scissors and they are the best around! At least they can be sharpened, unlike most of the “crap” scissors available today. I’ll bet the squash was awesome!

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