Play nicely

My football team did not win, we shall not talk about that.  What did happen and we can discuss is that I ripped out the beginning of my Paulie sweater because I flucked it up, majorly.

Even a casual glance at the beginning of my top down raglan cardigan would show that those raglan lines are too short.  Did I mention this is supposed to be the point where I take the sleeve stitches off and work only body?  Wha?!  I knew my gauge wasn’t that off so I reread the pattern that I was SURE I understood.  Guess who forgot 2 rows out of every 6.  Yes, I left out 1/3 of the rows and did not notice.  Argh!  Plus I don’t think raglan lines should be pointing straight at  my triceps.  Not really the fit I was hoping for.

Of course that horror was ripped and I began again adding in the rows that should be there.  So far so good but I’m getting a bit over garter stitch.  Plus I want to start the stripes!  Sadly this won’t be a travel project so it’s gotta chill for a week while I’m out shaking my money maker.  Don’t they look sad?

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  1. That Paulie is a very cute sweater. Not surprisingly, I hadn’t seen it before. In knitting news, I’m actually working on that triplet crazy Easter eggy sock. Shocking!

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