Surf’s up

Ok.  I like to think I’ve got the sewing thing down.  Sure, there’s stuff I don’t know how to do, but I get how to make a T-shirt!  Why oh why can you explain the crazy waves I got putting the bands on the Renfrew top?

Is it because gremlins blew on the fabric as I was sewing it and caused waves?


Is it because I neglected to change my serger’s feed dogs to the differential feed setting for stretchy knits?  Yes.  It was.  Is that a hard operation to perform.  No.  You literally turn an exposed knob 3/8″.  ARGH!

So my dork-handedness has resulted in a very pretty, well fitting sleepytime t-shirt.  I have more material and will make this again WITH THE PROPER SERGER ADJUSTMENT!  At least I know it fits nicely.  I have found no other upside.

My only excuse is that this fabric is interlock.  What does that mean?  It’s a stretchy fabric that may not be suitable for this pattern (or for me for that matter).  It has no “wrong” side in that it’s knit as 1×1 rib.  Super stretchy.  Bad choice.  Super cheap though.  It’s dead to me.


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  1. Based on the pic, it actually looks like a design element! The waves appear to be evenly spaced…. Did I just turn your sleep shirt into a weekend one?

  2. I don’t even understand what you’re saying. But ?: do you think I MUST have a serger to do t-shirts? They’re all I really want to make. But I don’t have one.

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