Second time lucky

After the last Renfrew top sewing trouble, I tried again with this lovely striped 99 cent/yard cotton.  Oh yes, Fabrix has a “sale” table even though their prices are super cheap to start with.  This time around there was no wiggly seam-age.  I properly adjusted my serger to sew wave free seams and changed the topstitch to a stretch stitch on my Bernina.  I used the one that looks like honeycomb, for lack of a more precise description.

This fabric has much less stretch than the magenta fabric in the previous top.  It’s a bit less comfortable to wear, but it doesn’t look like a mess.  Tradeoff.  I have tons more fabric that is super stretchy and more tissue-y.  Clingy stuff, so we shall see if that’s a disaster.

The only problem I’ve got with the top is that I wore it out to eat and got burrito guts in the collar!  I know, that collar is a crumb catcher – or chicken mole catcher in this case!  I keep washing the top hoping the spots will fade, but I may break down and go buy some laundry spot treatment.  I like the top and will make many more iterations.  I hope you won’t get bored, but it’s fun for me to make stuff I actually wear.

Pattern reviewed here.


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  1. Cute top. You’re a more experienced seamstress than I am but it appears to me that the armholes might be a tad tight in this version. Still, if you can wear it and are comfortable in it, that’s all that matters.

  2. It looks great!

    I bought a bar of Fels Naptha not too long ago and am pretty impressed with it’s stain removal powers. I hat spending money on household single-taskers, and it’s nice and cheap.

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