Not so much with the progress

In an effort to disguise how little I’ve actually knit, I shall present my projects as a group.  With so much to look at you may not notice that they don’t look that much farther along than when last you met.

Top left:  It’s Valentine’s Day so I present you with some pretty tulips.

Top right:  Paulie as seen from the back.  I love this cardie and knit on it here and there.  I don’t travel with this project as it’s too large and suitcase space is precious, but there’s no reason I can’t work on it more.  I shall try harder.

Lower left:  Color Affection.  I love this pattern and was sooo undecided how to place the colors.  I thought I’d start with the gray then work to the blue then red.  I changed my mind last minute and started with the blue.  I hope this looks ok when the red hits the mix.

Lower right:  I finally decided which skirt to make with some lovely stretch babycord that accidentally came home with me from the den of pleasure I call the Stonemountain and Daughter’s half price room.  It’s a good solid steel gray and feels like velvet.  And it was half off.  So it took me ALL DAY yesterday to decide which pattern to sew (I have massive jetlag so this is actually pretty quick).  A-line 70s style skirt with pockets.  Should be nice right?

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