We all scream

Today’s layover eye candy is brought to us by Jeni’s Ice Cream.  Yes, Columbus, Ohio is today’s layover.  It’s 34 degrees, light snow and I thought it’d be an excellent idea to walk one mile to get some Jeni’s and then walk back a mile eating it in the cold.  I hate the cold, so you know I like this ice cream.  I’m not even an ice cream person, but this stuff is yummy.  My choices today are Buckeye and Salted Caramel.  Lovely.  Now I’ve got the heater in my hotel room on 76 degrees trying to warm up.  So worth it.

4 responses

  1. Too bad you couldn’t have come earlier this week, it was so warn and nice, but that’s Ohio weather for you, bipolar as can be. I live about an hour or so north of Columbus. we got a lot of snow too.

  2. Wow. That must be some good crack to get you out in Ohio cold. My scream of choice today was pistachio gelato in the North End. Walked in the cold for that one too.

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