First off thanks for the FB birthday greetings!  That was awesome to get so many happy notes!  Yes indeed, Monday was my birthday.  I had a great birthday weekend and am still on vacation.  That’s right, I’ve got two weeks vacation for my birthday.  That is how I roll.

Now you’d think I’d have lots of crafty efforts to share with all that time off, but no.  I don’t.  I’ve still got tennis elbowS and have for the most part stopped with the knitting until the pain subsides.  I did finish the neckband of the Paulie cardie though since I’m itching to knit.  I worked a row now and then, stretched and I seem to have survived.

The neckband is super cute with the icord bind off in contrast color.  It’s a bit of pain to do, but really not much more work than a tubular bind off.  I really want to start the sleeves.  Perhaps I’ll try a row here and there just to test the tendons?

Does anyone have great tennis elbow cure-alls?  I’ve got stretches from my PT and ice the offending elbows.  Any miracle cures?  If not, I’ll have to get going on the sewing since that doesn’t seem to hurt.  Argh!  Such a cute sweater to finish and I can’t work on it (much)…

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  1. Belated birthday wishes from the non-FBer! Glad it was a good one! I’ve got no tips to deal with the knitter’s elbow, but plenty of sympathy – hope that heals soon

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