Dreaming of baked goods

Ok, seriously.  I know!  But scouts honor, that was the best picture I came up with in the two seconds I allotted to take pictures before changing into pajama pants.  Since it looks like I’m dreaming in the one on the right left, I added cake.  Cake always makes things better.  The possessed demon face of the right picture has been cropped into oblivion.  You may thank me now.

What am I trying to show you?  Well it’s Burda skirt 10-2001-119 of course.  I made it from some lovely soft stretch babycord, so soft it looks and feels like velvet.  Let me tell you…I traced off the pattern from that horror of a Burda pattern sheet, adjusted the pattern to fit my womanly curves and cut my fabric.  All should be well, no?  No.  Apparently cutting stretch babycord sets some sort of spread demon free in that fabric and it was all I could do to stop the seepage.  I had to staystitch the heck out of it and steam it like a piece of broccoli.  Damn.  There are consequently construction issues (I’m looking at you pocket wrinkle sewn into the side seam and non matching waistband seams) but I wore it out of the house today and I didn’t get arrested or public shamed.  Win!

If you sew and want to know more, please click on the review at PatternReview.  If you don’t sew, know that this skirt now fits 1″ below my navel rather than at waist level where it started out the day.  This babycord must be some sort of mutant material that’s still alive!  I think a spell in the washer/dryer will kick some babycord ass.


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    • One dollar polish from the Pasadena Flea Market. It’s awesome stuff. Silver with blue steely tones.

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  1. The skirt looks great! I like skirts that sit one inch below waist, makes my tummy less prominent 🙂 I hope the dryer does what you want it to. I’m afraid of my dryer and I try not to use it if I can help it!
    aha! Now I know what’s wrong with my sewing … so it’s this demon I didn’t know about before. That explains everything 🙂 hmm … I think there’s more than one. Yours was the spread demon, I think I’ve encountered the expose my bulges demon, the fray like mad demon etc, the list is long!
    Thanks for suggesting the grainline top – I LOVE her patterns. But I’m trying to stinge and use whatever I already have. Sometimes my husband says it’s penny wise pound foolish 🙂

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