Scrappy tote

Yesterday I thought I’d get the lead out and make up another Renfrew Top that I’d already cut out last week.  I just needed to change the thread on the serger and try out my plan of serging the Renfrew Top rather than sewing it up with the regular machine.  It’s really not hard to change the threads on my serger, just a little bit fiddly so I’ve been putting it off.

So why am I showing a tote bag instead of a Renfrew Top?  While all these ideas were marinating in my brain, I came upon the lovely Jorth’s post about making a shopping tote bag.  I somehow thought I should change the serger threads and test the machine tension out on this tote bag.  So I grabbed some cotton fabric scraps and serged this tote up in no time at all.  I only needed the regular machine for topstitching and attaching straps.  Easy.  Make some of these up for your shopping trips if you’ve got scraps aplenty like me.  I immediately tested mine out with a quick run to buy wine.  Success!


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  1. It is totally cute!! 🙂 I’m going to try to sew up a Renfrew later this week hopefully. But I also got an Ottobre mag with the CUTEST knit pattern in it.

  2. Love It!! It would be great for knittng too . . . .

    (And by the way, I LOVE the new look of the blog. much more fresh and modern looking. Not that I didn’t like the old one, I just like this one better.)

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