Powerball, shmowerball

Well I didn’t win the Powerball tonight so I’d better cancel that bulk buy of yarn and fabric.  Hold please…done.

What I did do was finish my Paulie Cardigan.  I found some yellow buttons at the Joann’s last weekend.  I thought I’d get gray buttons but gray turns out to be incredibly hard to match.  Who knew there was such subtlety to gray?  So yellow buttons were my best bet.  Photo at right is of my boobs in the background, yellow buttons in the foreground.

I dutifully wove in the ends and blocked the cardigan and voila!  Finished.  I love the finished sweater but I did give myself double tennis elbow knitting this up on small needles without adequate break times.  Two acupuncture sessions have begun to help but  I shall be knitting my next sweater with fatter yarn and larger needles.  No word on what sweater that will be.

Sweater details:

Pattern:  Paulie by Isabell Kraemer (free pattern!) my rav link here; Yarn:  Fiber Optic Yarns – Foot Note (lovely stuff); Mods:  I didn’t do any waist shaping and knit a few extra rows to make the raglan lines long enough for my well developed shoulders.  I also didn’t do sleeve decreases until about the elbow level because I didn’t need to.  It’s just that simple.  Try on the sweater and work with the fit you’ve got.  My developed biceps did so not want to be decreased upon.  Only after I passed my enflamed elbows did any decreases happen.  The whole point of the top down sweater is to try it on as you’re going.  I knit on the i-cord edging from the wrong side since it looked nicer to me from that side.  I skipped the shawl collar since there was no way my yarn would want to be squooshed into folding over for ever and ever.  V-neck is fine and dandy.

All in all, I made a very low impact sweater.  I skipped most of the shaping and collar.  I just knit until I needed medical attention and here we have Paulie!

P.s. While it may look like I’ve just returned from the gym in these photos, rest assured these phots are BEFORE I went.  Sadly this was as good as I got today.

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  1. I didn’t win either, but then I think I heard something about actually having to buy a ticket, so there you go. Florida’s one of the few states that doesn’t participate in that multi-state lotto.

    Your Paulie looks great. I’ve got it in my queue, but who the heck knows when I’ll ever get around to it. I’ve got to finish my Must Have Cardi first.

  2. The buttons are inspired and they give the sweater panache along with the stripes. This is a great go to sweater but with added fun and glamor. Nice work!
    Winning the lottery would require a trip to ID to buy tickets. Not that I wouldn’t want to go to ID but, anyway, there is no point in running after what one cannot have.

  3. I think it looks great and there is such a sense of accomplishment (at least for me) when it is all the way done- ends woven in- and it looks great.

  4. That looks really good on you. Shame that you had to sacrifice your elbows for it. You needn’t do that again, with the universe of larger-needle projects out there.

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