Rayon is not my friend

Well that was sucky week at work.  Spring breaks all over the country take place at different times.  Did you know that?  I do.  Moving on.

Before the aforementioned horror, I did make a couple of things.  At left is the latest incarnation of Sewaholic Renfrew tee.  I’d not made a round neck version before and quite like this one too, but I think I’ll make the round neck a bit less wide since you are seeing entirely too much of my sports top in the picture.  The fabric is a tissue rayon knit from Stonemountain & Daughter.  It’s that very thin fabric that curls up on itself especially awfully if you pre-wash it.  Per an internet tip, I didn’t prewash and the top shrunk.  The picture is the shrunken top.  It still fits, but it’s rather shorter than when it went into the washer.  I shall have to not heed that “no prewashing” tip again.  The internet does lie sometimes.

The right are two pairs of my tried and true flannel PJ bottoms.  Of course I had to bust out the bunny print in time for Easter and the rosebuds are so sweet.  When I make these pjs now I assemblyline the construction so making two (or three) take not much more time than making one pair.

If you’d like to make some PJs too and want some hand holding, there is a sewalong PJ party hosted over on Did You Make That if you’re game.  I think you are!

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  1. The top is very cute! And how timely – I was thinking about making a pair of lounge pants. Thanks for the link – I’ll look over the “make your own pattern” instructions later.

  2. I’ve been thinking of making pjs. Your flannel ones look cute and sound so comfy. Hmmm … actually I don’t wear pjs so maybe I should sew some pj shorts or something.
    The tshirt looks good. I’ve never pre-washed any fabric before … ooppps!

  3. Aw, you poor thing, having to show half drunk collage students where their emergency exits are. *Virtual Hugs* Not to mention having to work a lot when there it’s all spring-y.

    I actually could sew some pajama pants if I had both the time and the inclination. I would have to make my mother help me. (She’d also have to find the time and the inclination.) I’ll just steal mine from the hospital. (Three operations, three pairs of pants.)

  4. I so hate it when tops are too short. All that constant pulling-down, and all. Bunnies! And roses! I wore one of my favorite Sil-made PJs yesterday….sheep and stars. They always make me smile.

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