While perusing the internets the other day, I came across some cute pictures of pincushions made from fancy teacups.  That looks easy and useful I thought as I knocked the box of pins from the sewing table once again!  Fast forward to me having to update tons of software on a seldom used ancient but fully operational laptop, and with all the sitting about waiting I thought I’d give pincushion making a go.

The teacup is from Goodwill and was 98 cents.  The fabric is a scrap, the stuffing was a leftover and the instructions I used are here.  I used a 10″ dinner plate as a circle template, added basting stitch by machine and just stuffed up the pouf.  When it was as  stuffed as I could get it, I knotted off the threads.  I don’t have a glue gun but I do have reusable mounting tape (I used it to stick a bracket bit back onto my car stereo – shut up it worked).  I used a couple pieces of the mounting stuff and shoved the pouf in with great enthusiasm.  Works just fine so perhaps I should retire the taped together white box of pins that I bought at the FIT bookstore when I was a student?