Horrible or Milkmaid?

Yes, Horrible or Milkmaid is a new game I’ve invented just for this dress.  WTF am I talking about?

I’ve liked this Vintage Vogue pattern for ages, it’s Vogue 8728 and all the versions I’d seen in blogland have been rather nice.  It’s a popular pattern and I thought I’d fire that up.  I used a nice quality knit from the stash to try this one out.  Sadly the fabric was stashed so long ago I don’t know what it’s made of, but my guess is rayon/poly/spandex and I had so much of it I clearly had a plan I’d now forgotten.  Maybe a wrap dress?

The pattern reviews all mentioned that this pattern runs large and to size it down.  I went down two sizes in the bodice and one size in the skirt since I’m using a very stretchy knit.  I wouldn’t size down that aggressively with a woven, but that size plan worked well.  I sewed it up using my own techniques because vintage sewing techniques are just not me.  I don’t hand sew unless it’s absolutely necessary.  If you’d like to know more about my sewing process click for my review on PatternReview.

Sadly I don’t like this dress much on me.  I look like a milkmaid or something.  I did wear it out and about and was not ridiculed by strangers but  I wore a cardigan over the top so the milkmaid-yness was lessened.  It’s really very comfortable because it’s a knit and the fit is good, but I shall have to wait and see if I wear this.  Otherwise it’s on the donation pile which is rather sad.

Time to focus on another project to get the taste of this one out of my sewing mouth.

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  1. Hi, this is my first time commenting on your blog. I am a knitter who also sews lately. I have to tell you, I like this dress it looks good on you. I don’t see the “Milkmaideness“. Don’t put it in the donation pile.

  2. I think the dress looks really nice on you. I prefer it to the seersucker tunic. It goes to show, different folk like different looks.

  3. Nope, I disagree: no milkmaid look there. Just a nice, comfy looking dress that I’d be happy to wear out & about. It’s a great color on you, too. Stop being silly & put that back in your closet so you can wear it again.

  4. Well, if you don’t like it – you don’t like it. You’ve succeeded in taking a cute picture of it, though.

  5. I think the color is lovely on you, and the overall style/cut of the dress flatters you. But I do see what you mean about the milkmaid effect. It looks like it’s caused by the gathered bust section combined with the geometric pattern of the fabric. The gathers are causing the checks to distort and that’s heightening the “This dress is all about the BEWBS!” feel that a milkmaid dress would have. I think you could sew this pattern in a solid or a very small, subtle print and it would look great on you.

  6. Milkmaid, for sure. I think in a good way though. If the print of the fabric, like a calico, was a little different, it would look like you belonged on a prarie, but again, in a good way.

    I wouldn’t wear it with a cardigan, that might take you straight to old-lady land. Ditto for a shawl. I would just try to embrace the milkmaid-e-ness of it, and wear it with pride.

  7. Nope, I don’t get milkmaid from this dress at all. I think it’s really nice. But, I understand how you feel about not being comfortable in it and then not wanting to wear it.

  8. Fun…I would so go with accessorizing your dress – yes to cardigan…no to the shawl. That way you can change it up a lot depending on you mood for more or less milkmaid on any given day.
    A sweet cardigan – something not straight but cut to the hips and taken in around the waist – also with 3/4 sleeves and there won’t be any granny-issues. I nice belt to accentuate your waist – perhaps a slim leather one with a bow in front or back. And shoes of course..

    Would do a whole lot of good – if you feel like i…couse it really is a nice dress and very good looking on you

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