Not frosting

There is a train of discussion one sees on sewing blogs regarding sewing the cake or the frosting – the practical stuff you actually wear or the fun, fluffy party wear.  I think this white blouse is firmly in the cake camp.  I tend to sew cake since my life is sadly lacking in gala premieres and cotillions.

What can one say about a sleeveless white blouse?  The pattern is Burda Style 128 from the 09/2011 issue.  It’s got a weird collar fold thing that would probably look better in a softer fabric, but I picked up this sample piece of really lovely striped cotton for under $7 at Fabrix the other day and it’s nice, meaty and crisp.

The sewing up of this is pretty easy, but the Burda directions are brief at best.  If you just follow the collar section blindly it will work.  I had to cut the bias armhole facings wider than stated because I did the math and I’d be left with 1/4″ of band to finish up with.  So not enough.  I also chopped 3″ off the bottom because this is one boxy blouse and more fabric at the ass is not my idea of fun.  The extra length was way too mumu.

After the Milkmaid dress kerfuffle I decided to try the blouse a couple different ways and I must say the cardiganized version is my fave.  (Cardigan is Yella Cardie per my made up pattern and the haircolor is “light natural auburn 110”.)

That’s it, pretty simple to do while you’re waiting for the furnace guy.  Started sewing in the a.m. and finished when the furnace guy did this afternoon.  Furnace if fine (it’s brand new!), just a checkup and the blouse is fine.

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