Pajama party with frogs!

I joined the Pajama Party and today’s the big reveal.  Unfortunately I’m flying all day so I’ve got to preschedule my reveal.  That is so damn sad!  What’s not sad are these pjs!  Yup, I used smiling frog cotton flannel with my tried and true self drafted pj pattern.  Aren’t the adorable grinning up at me like that?  I guess this means I’ve kissed my share of frogs…

Karen also asked what we’re reading and my current analog read is The Redeemer by Jo Nesbo.  Love Jo Nesbo!

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  2. Oh wow, cyuuuute!!! Again,makes me wish I cared to sew…..also, thanks for the heads’ up on Jo Nesbo, have been toying with reading one of those books, didn’t know if they’d be overtly gory….

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