Srsly stop

My green version of Something Silver is heading into the homestretch.  I’ve got less than two balls of yarn left with one ball needed for the remaining sleeve and one to finish the bottom garter section.  No leftovers here.  My sleeves are a tad shorter than the pattern specifies, but they’re still a solid 3/4 length (even on my monkey arms).  I’ll eke as much length out of that skein as possible and the pockets will probably be knit  in some other color.  I’ll call that a charming feature.

I also stole some sock yarn and needles from my sister the other day.  If you invite me over, that kind of larceny is on the agenda people, be warned.

Other than that I had a hideous trip this weekend at work since it was a “holiday” and the “start of summer” – two phrases that make me despair for the human race.  Since I was up for 24 hours yesterday I shall spend today being a sloth and knitting.  Errands and necessities will have to be postponed til tomorrow.  Hanging With Friends just may be my cardio today.


A rose by any other name is still crochet

Because I’ve only got 2.5 balls of yarn left to finish  Something Silver, I realized this would be a good time to start swatching for the V-neck Elizabeth Zimmermann sweater I plan on knitting next.  I wanted to see if I could use some of the pink yarns that I love so much with the green.  My fave color combo!

What you see above is a knitted swatch.  I KNOW!  It looks just like crochet!  English Rose Tweed sounded so nice, the reality is more granny square tweed than anything.  Some of my other stitch swatches were unbelievably awful.  This was the pick of the litter.  Worry not, they’re all frogged into the ether.

I think I may just forget the pink idea and knit a plain green sweater with no faux crochet elements.  Or may just sneak in a small stripe or two to satisfy my Lilly Pulitzer moment.

A 12 year old at heart

I love my iPhone.  This post is not an homage to the Apple company.  In fact I’m not so fond of them, but they can sure make a phone that makes my life easier.  Why then, when one sees an amusing iPhone cover suitable for a 12 year old girl would I not buy it?  No reason.  Here is my (now) old, but perfectly operable phone encased in a silicone rabbit costume.  This is a faux Rabito cover purchased on ebay for $3 and as you can see it has a removable suction cup tail to use as a stand when you’re watching something.  Freaking genius.

It would of course be perfect if it was a Hello Kitty Rabito which I must now google to see if such perfection exists.  Actual craft posting continues tomorrow.

If it’s Tuesday…

There is an old movie called “If It’s Tuesday, This Must be Belgium” where a tour group goes through a nine country, 18 day itinerary and hilarity ensues.  Well, I don’t remember if it’s actually funny since I saw it on some late show rerun ages ago, but you get the idea.  My version is “If it’s Tuesday, This Must by Philadelphia”.  Not hilarious, but still a nice enough layover.

Above is my Kinneared picture of Philadelphia City Hall and those cars are stopped and not about to hit me.  Had you going, didn’t I?

I’ve got no crafty updates, I don’t even bring craft with me on my trips to get some time to heal my tendonitis.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t surf.  Carolyn has made some Pocketbook Slippers and I think I must make some for wearing around hotel rooms.  One never knows about the levels of funk in places you don’t clean for yourself .  These easy little slippers would take care of that particular hotel living worry.  Pattern noted.

Good time.

Coral cowls

I broke my own rule and bought some more tissue rayon knit at Fabrix.  I tell myself not to buy it because it’s hard to work with and hard to wear.  But the little devil on my shoulder talked me into it because it comes in such great colors and it’s $3.49/yard.  Argh!

Well, what to do with this drapey, see-through, clingy stuff?  I thought I’d make a Renfrew with a variation.  I’d take advantage of the drape and draft a cowl sleeve.  The bottom photo shows the original sleeve (half pattern with seam allowances removed), slashed to add fullness.  One of my pattern drafting textbooks was unearthed and I just did what they showed.  Sorry my scanner is on the fritz but you mark 5″ down from the cap at the center line.  From that mark you slash up the cap and under the arm a few inches.  Another slash at the elbow line and that’s all I did.  Lay the pattern back down on pattern paper with the old mid point now 3″ down and 5″ out.  Draw a new cap line and straighten out the edges.  I’m sure that’s not clear but perhaps you can look at this diagram on page 32 if you’re sleeve mad.

I also raised the neckline about 1.5″ at center front and just cut a new curve when cutting out.  Not very scientific at all.  I thought the stretchy material and added sleeve weight would drag down that neckline too much.  I measured the neckline and cut a crosswise neckband 85% of the total measurement.  That may have been a bit too small based on the stretch of the fabric and my crappy sewing job but it was ironed into submission.  Just don’t look at the small pulls at the neck.

So there it is, Renfew with a twist in coral.

Big flowers

Sometimes you run through the stash and find a piece of fabric (or sack of yarn) and wonder why you bought that?  I want to make a summer-ish dress and trolled the garage stash and found this piece of stretch cotton.  I remember buying it two summers ago in NYC on a layover because I bought so much fabric that the heavy sack was yanking my arm out of the socket.

When I bought this fabric I remember having a “plan”.  I now have no recollection of said plans and think with flowers that size I better choose my pattern carefully.  I shall give much thought to Hazel from Colette Patterns.  It has a shirred skirt to move those flowers around some, but I worry about the flowers being hacked about in those fabulous darts.  Further study is required.

Two more patterns I’ve got my eye on (well pre-ordered if we’re confessing) are Sewaholic Cambie Dress and Derby Dress by Christine Haynes.  Both of these aren’t out yet, but I shall have to keep these in mind for this floral.  Or that fabric I just found in the stash with peacocks on it.  Pink peacocks.  Wha?

Any ideas for Big Flowers?

Green takeover

Apparently all that frog pj sewing put me in a green mood.  I’m currently knitting one green cardigan and just bought wool for a green pullover.  Considering that I’m restricting my knitting time as to not exacerbate my tendonitis, I think I’m being a bit optimistic here.

Oh well it’s on!

First up is my green version of Something Silver.  You may have noticed I have a fondness for Veera’s patterns so it’s not shocking I’ve got one on needles.  I’m almost halfway to the point where I go back into garter stitch even though my knitting time has been curtailed.  Good project for tv watching, but interesting enough to keep me going.

My next green project is the Set-in Sleeve Seamless Sweater with V-Neck by Elizabeth Zimmerman.  I’ve had this copy of Spun Out #21 for ages and just didn’t get around to trying this steeked V-neck technique.  V-necks are my fave to wear so I’m intrigued by the steeking.  I found a bag of Peruvian Highland Wool at Elann for a great price thinking that this yarn will be “sticky” enough to steek.  Plus it’s a fresh new leaf green color that I adore.  I may add a hint of pink to the sweater if I’ve got a nice pink stashed.  So far I’m just in the mulling over stage.

My intention is to get a bit further along with the green cardigan before starting a pullover.  I must admit, the leafy green yarn is calling from it’s bag across the room.  I shall be strong.