Green takeover

Apparently all that frog pj sewing put me in a green mood.  I’m currently knitting one green cardigan and just bought wool for a green pullover.  Considering that I’m restricting my knitting time as to not exacerbate my tendonitis, I think I’m being a bit optimistic here.

Oh well it’s on!

First up is my green version of Something Silver.  You may have noticed I have a fondness for Veera’s patterns so it’s not shocking I’ve got one on needles.  I’m almost halfway to the point where I go back into garter stitch even though my knitting time has been curtailed.  Good project for tv watching, but interesting enough to keep me going.

My next green project is the Set-in Sleeve Seamless Sweater with V-Neck by Elizabeth Zimmerman.  I’ve had this copy of Spun Out #21 for ages and just didn’t get around to trying this steeked V-neck technique.  V-necks are my fave to wear so I’m intrigued by the steeking.  I found a bag of Peruvian Highland Wool at Elann for a great price thinking that this yarn will be “sticky” enough to steek.  Plus it’s a fresh new leaf green color that I adore.  I may add a hint of pink to the sweater if I’ve got a nice pink stashed.  So far I’m just in the mulling over stage.

My intention is to get a bit further along with the green cardigan before starting a pullover.  I must admit, the leafy green yarn is calling from it’s bag across the room.  I shall be strong.

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  1. dang that something silver is so cute and somehow a pattern of hers I had never noticed despite my equal obsession with her. ps come to chicago please.

  2. I’m excited to see how the EZ project turns out. I haven’t tried that technique yet, either. I like Veera’s patterns too, but raglans aren’t the greatest design on me – my shoulders are too sloped. However, I do have some yarn picked out for Stripe Study.

  3. FINALLY! Someone who’s not me is knitting an EZ pattern. I’ve had my eye on the seamless set in sleeve sweater for a while. It looks like it would be so interesting, not to seem to dramatic, but “a feat of knitting shaping that has went unparralleled through the dawn of time.” Can you tell I’m a little excited, and about ready to crack open my well loved copy of Knitting Workshop.

    I’m surprised that someone who sews as often as you do would go for anything so trivial as seamless.

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