Big flowers

Sometimes you run through the stash and find a piece of fabric (or sack of yarn) and wonder why you bought that?  I want to make a summer-ish dress and trolled the garage stash and found this piece of stretch cotton.  I remember buying it two summers ago in NYC on a layover because I bought so much fabric that the heavy sack was yanking my arm out of the socket.

When I bought this fabric I remember having a “plan”.  I now have no recollection of said plans and think with flowers that size I better choose my pattern carefully.  I shall give much thought to Hazel from Colette Patterns.  It has a shirred skirt to move those flowers around some, but I worry about the flowers being hacked about in those fabulous darts.  Further study is required.

Two more patterns I’ve got my eye on (well pre-ordered if we’re confessing) are Sewaholic Cambie Dress and Derby Dress by Christine Haynes.  Both of these aren’t out yet, but I shall have to keep these in mind for this floral.  Or that fabric I just found in the stash with peacocks on it.  Pink peacocks.  Wha?

Any ideas for Big Flowers?


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  1. Hmmm. Maybe something more sheath-like, without a lot of seams? I agree that the v-shaping of the bodice of Hazel might be a problem (great looking pattern, though!)

  2. Check out Simplicity 1873. I made that one with a rather large floral and it came out great. I made the longer C version. If you want to know more details about adjustments and such, just contact me.

  3. If I had Big Flowers, I would sew myself a mod shift, maybe colourblock with some black as well.
    I know too well the fabric and yarn stash that makes me wonder why I bought them. I have just started a knit with one of these yarns. Knitting with it just keeps me going, “what was I thinking?” The other half of me keeps telling myself that it’s not that bad, it’s quite pretty actually, probably something that can only be appreciated by few 🙂

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