Coral cowls

I broke my own rule and bought some more tissue rayon knit at Fabrix.  I tell myself not to buy it because it’s hard to work with and hard to wear.  But the little devil on my shoulder talked me into it because it comes in such great colors and it’s $3.49/yard.  Argh!

Well, what to do with this drapey, see-through, clingy stuff?  I thought I’d make a Renfrew with a variation.  I’d take advantage of the drape and draft a cowl sleeve.  The bottom photo shows the original sleeve (half pattern with seam allowances removed), slashed to add fullness.  One of my pattern drafting textbooks was unearthed and I just did what they showed.  Sorry my scanner is on the fritz but you mark 5″ down from the cap at the center line.  From that mark you slash up the cap and under the arm a few inches.  Another slash at the elbow line and that’s all I did.  Lay the pattern back down on pattern paper with the old mid point now 3″ down and 5″ out.  Draw a new cap line and straighten out the edges.  I’m sure that’s not clear but perhaps you can look at this diagram on page 32 if you’re sleeve mad.

I also raised the neckline about 1.5″ at center front and just cut a new curve when cutting out.  Not very scientific at all.  I thought the stretchy material and added sleeve weight would drag down that neckline too much.  I measured the neckline and cut a crosswise neckband 85% of the total measurement.  That may have been a bit too small based on the stretch of the fabric and my crappy sewing job but it was ironed into submission.  Just don’t look at the small pulls at the neck.

So there it is, Renfew with a twist in coral.