If it’s Tuesday…

There is an old movie called “If It’s Tuesday, This Must be Belgium” where a tour group goes through a nine country, 18 day itinerary and hilarity ensues.  Well, I don’t remember if it’s actually funny since I saw it on some late show rerun ages ago, but you get the idea.  My version is “If it’s Tuesday, This Must by Philadelphia”.  Not hilarious, but still a nice enough layover.

Above is my Kinneared picture of Philadelphia City Hall and those cars are stopped and not about to hit me.  Had you going, didn’t I?

I’ve got no crafty updates, I don’t even bring craft with me on my trips to get some time to heal my tendonitis.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t surf.  Carolyn has made some Pocketbook Slippers and I think I must make some for wearing around hotel rooms.  One never knows about the levels of funk in places you don’t clean for yourself .  These easy little slippers would take care of that particular hotel living worry.  Pattern noted.

Good time.