A rose by any other name is still crochet

Because I’ve only got 2.5 balls of yarn left to finish  Something Silver, I realized this would be a good time to start swatching for the V-neck Elizabeth Zimmermann sweater I plan on knitting next.  I wanted to see if I could use some of the pink yarns that I love so much with the green.  My fave color combo!

What you see above is a knitted swatch.  I KNOW!  It looks just like crochet!  English Rose Tweed sounded so nice, the reality is more granny square tweed than anything.  Some of my other stitch swatches were unbelievably awful.  This was the pick of the litter.  Worry not, they’re all frogged into the ether.

I think I may just forget the pink idea and knit a plain green sweater with no faux crochet elements.  Or may just sneak in a small stripe or two to satisfy my Lilly Pulitzer moment.


3 responses

  1. yes, it’s amazingly like crochet and oh so very Lilly Pullitzer 🙂 Love the colour combo! Knitting a stripe in between a few rows sounds good.

  2. In a moment of high restrant, I am going to refrain from making any comment on the crochet. Let me just tell you that if you start to like it, you need to lie down, with a large glass of water, and think about what you’re doing for a moment. Remember Silvia, we love you, and we know that you’re better than that.

    If you really feel the need though, I bet that little stripe would look great around the edges. If I were you, I would knit the thing with a provisional cast on, and see what you think about it when you’re done. Once you’ve had a little time to meditate and think long and hard about it. (Remember you’re two hooks away from making those Barbie doll toliet paper cozies.)

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