Srsly stop

My green version of Something Silver is heading into the homestretch.  I’ve got less than two balls of yarn left with one ball needed for the remaining sleeve and one to finish the bottom garter section.  No leftovers here.  My sleeves are a tad shorter than the pattern specifies, but they’re still a solid 3/4 length (even on my monkey arms).  I’ll eke as much length out of that skein as possible and the pockets will probably be knit  in some other color.  I’ll call that a charming feature.

I also stole some sock yarn and needles from my sister the other day.  If you invite me over, that kind of larceny is on the agenda people, be warned.

Other than that I had a hideous trip this weekend at work since it was a “holiday” and the “start of summer” – two phrases that make me despair for the human race.  Since I was up for 24 hours yesterday I shall spend today being a sloth and knitting.  Errands and necessities will have to be postponed til tomorrow.  Hanging With Friends just may be my cardio today.


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  1. I’m glad to note that I’m not the only yarn klepto around. I stole a hank of sock yarn from my cousin on my last visit to her, but I sent her 3 hanks in exchange for it, so she’s not complaining. How is Claudia? I miss her blog & hope she comes back to it some day.

  2. I love that sweater. I’ll invite you over the next time I feel a need to destash- or at least get your address and send some your way. Thievery is never necessary amongst knitters. It’s those sewers you have to watch out for. If I had your job I would be fired in 10 minutes.

  3. Hi Samina! I’m good. Not knitting much, which is why I’m DELIGHTED when Silvia comes over and takes stuff from the fiber room.

    That sock yarn is quite pretty, and I’m glad you are enjoying it!

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